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Mission Statement

To promote the appreciation, importance, and understanding of aviation, and it's contributions to Baxter County, the surrounding communities, and our country.

Society Team Leaders

William (Bill) Zimmer - Acting Chairman
900 Hwy 62 E.
Mountain Home, AR 72653
Office: (870) 425-1040
Fax: (870) 425-2251

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Lori Benedict
FBO Owner/Operator

59 Airport Place
Midway, AR 72651
Phone: (870) 481-5966

Gerald Garrison
EAA Chapter 775 - Experimental Aircraft Association
650 MC 8088 Yellville, AR 72687
Cell: (870) 688-0969
Private Airstrip: 45AR

Society Members

Lori Benedict
Sandra English
Gerald Garrison
Bob Hamm
Ralph Harris
Andy Lewis
Tim Phelps
Dean Shultz
Dick Slagle
Les Stevens
Lynne Zimmer
William Zimmer

Society History

Memorial Day 2007, Twin Lakes Aviation Society founder, Bill Zimmer, struck upon the idea that the Twin Lakes' Ozark Regional Airport needed an aviation club similar to what Bill was a member of in Delavan, Wis. (north of Chicago). During the annual EAA Fly-In, the Delavan airport was used as a waypoint for this War Bird contingent on their way to Oshkosh, Wis.

Bill realized that Ozark Regional Airport and the Twin Lakes area could serve as the waypoint for War Birds and Experimental aircraft traveling to AirVenture annually. The Ozark Regional Airport is midway geographically from many Southern states, most especially, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Many of the Twin Lakes area residents are retirees from all across the nation and are eager to host Fly-Ins and other airport events: hence, the birth of the Twin Lakes Aviation Society.

Please check the Calendar of Events and What's New for frequent updates on society meetings and events.

Use the online registration form to join our society and/or reserve your place for one of our upcoming events. Email if you have questions or comments.

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